VIP Protection

VIP Protection / Bodyguarding

Strikes, political unrest, community protests, crime, et cetera are all factors that add to the risk portfolios of executives, travelers, entertainers and your own family. SKID ALPHA Security provides specialist VIP protection services. Our highly trained and experienced Close Protection Officers (CPO's) are deployed to assignments both locally and abroad.

Our VIP Protection services provide a holistic approach to close protection. Essentially, this means that every conceivable aspect that could or would impact on the health, wealth, reputation and safety of our client (principal), is dealt with in a suitable manner. Transportation, routes and destinations are carefully analyzed and all conceivable risks are identified and adequate plans are made and put in place. Residential and hotel security is considered and, where needed, the principal is advised.

It is important to point out that 'bodyguarding' is, in fact, a very loose term used to describe a practitioner. However, CPO's operate on many different levels. In a professional environment, CPO's develop their skills in areas of preferred expertise. These absolute professionals firmly believe that the criteria for successful VIP protection is based on solid planning – advanced preparations, route reconnaissance, threat assessments and conflict avoidance.

Our CPO's are specialists in:
  • One-on-one protection
  • Tactical driving
  • Firearms handling
  • Basic medical support
  • Reaction to attack
  • Weapons handling and safety
  • Personal escorts

  • Counter action techniques
  • TSCM De-bugging/sweeping
  • Surveillance
  • Defensive and tactical driving
  • Residential security
  • Travel security
  • CPR and advanced first aid
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