Travel Security Services

Travelling should be as care free as possible, whether you are on vacation or a high profile business trip; we offer services that offer peace of mind. Using our former Special Forces personnel, we offer our clients the capability to have someone on hand to assess the on-going security situations and to offer help and advice not only on the security situation, but also on political, language, cultural and religious issues that may affect your stay in a country or geographical area. Travel with our personnel will give not just security, but peace of mind.

Our modus operandi is to treat every client differently, offering a dynamic service that is able to bend and change if and when the situation dictates. We prefer the covert approach to offer security to the traveler, fitting into the group and not drawing attention. Prior to any deployment, a full travel plan is made and as with all our close protection services, we provide the client with a detailed country report outlining any obvious security or political risks.

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