Satellite Tracking Services

SKID ALPHA SECURITY Protection Service works very closely with a UK manufacturer of covert satellite tracking systems in provided the best operational and cost effective tracking systems. Ideal for either in vehicle or covert carry.

Using state of the art satellite tracking systems we enable our clients to track their staff or assets 24/7 anywhere in the World. Further to this, our satellite tracking systems support our close protection and security services in Africa, Middle East and Europe, enabling us to provide our clients with a personal, tailored tracking service. Our satellite tracking solution; "The Personal Tracking System" (PTS), is suitable for either the tracking of staff or the covert tracking of assets and real estate. With satellite tracking you are never totally alone!

Panic Button

Our PTS has optional built-in panic button facility. This will enable rapid response and call out. This is ideal for our clients that require systems to be monitored and for those working in hostile environments.


Our satellite tracking system uses the most up-to-date version of Open Street and/or Google Earth Mapping, with both Map view and Satellite image view options usable. The use of this up to date mapping allows our operations room to pin-point your tracking system down to the nearest few meters anywhere in the World.


Clients can self-monitor or SKID ALPHA Security Protection Service can offer monitoring and response, via our operations control centers. Our monitoring service ensures that all alarm activations are dealt with within seconds, and steps taken as per our instructions.

Tracking and mapping intelligence

Our operations team are fully trained in the use of our tracking and mapping systems. This training has allowed us to tie in our satellite tracking system mapping with local knowledge, enabling us to advise a tracked unit where the nearest hospital or police station is within seconds of being asked or as part of Standard Operational Procedures.

Number of tracking options

The Personal Tracking System (PTS) has a number of tracking options, from full time tracking to 5mins to hourly or daily, dependent on your requirements.

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