International Close Protection

International Close Protection Services

SKID ALPHA Security offers close protection and bodyguard services to aid our clients, whatever the personal level of risk, kidnap and ransom or terror threat; our close protection bodyguard service is tailored to suit your requirements.

Close Protection Service

Our clients range from governments and corporate companies to top notch individuals; every client is different, every close protection task is different, language and lifestyle considerations are always taken into account; female operatives can be supplied to suit any family needs and/or situations where children are involved.

Close protection has evolved over the last decade; into what is now a more refined service, bodyguards now have internationally recognised qualifications and a standard level of overall training. We have added military operation and management skills services to enhance those bodyguard services.

SKID ALPHA Security Protection Service has deployed both single operatives and close protection teams across the world in support of our client's requirements.

Our Close Protection services can be supplemented and supported by:

All of our close protection bodyguard operatives are former members of Nigerian and Foreign Nation Army, Police or Intelligence Services with foreign protectors. In-line with industry regulations, all of our close protection bodyguards deployed are qualified and hold SIA licenses.

International Work

Our approach to international work is that all our operatives are at the very least bilingual. We are one of the only companies who specializes in operatives with language skills.

Advanced Close Protection

Due to the level of threat or area of operations sometimes clients require a higher level of protection. Our network is such that we can supply former members of Irish and Nigerian Special Forces (SAS/SBS) or former police officers from Diplomatic (SO6) and Royalty Protection (SO14).

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